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Sunday, June 5, 2011

As aviation enthusiasts, there’s something really FUN about getting other people excited about airplanes.  And there’s nothing like a trip to the a disassembly facility to get excitement brewing.  It brings the “real world” application of math and science to life for most students – young and old alike.  In tandem with the daily operations at our disassembly facilities, UAM hosts a variety of on-site tours.  Most recently, a local Tupelo Boy Scout troop came to the facility for an up-close and personal encounter with a 747-400.
Check out the thank you note received from one boy scout – “Thank you for showing our Boy Scout troop the 747 in Tupelo.  We learned so much and it was fun! “

We love airplanes, and you should too!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Who Knew?

It's a fact.  UAM's End of Life Recycling Program utilizes almost the entire aircraft...  from the interior carpet that's removed and used for crating / shipping inventory around the world, to units that are no longer airworthy - sold on eBay.  That's right - the UAM eBay Store features units that will never re-enter service on aircraft. Each unit offers a unique opportunity and experience for someone to own a little piece of aviation history. There are several 747 listings - check out this one...

Our popular galley carts make great storage units or the perfect beverage cart for every occasion.  They’re durable, affordable and formerly strode the aisles of a 747-400 jumbo jet.  For the aviation enthusiast, these carts definitely come with story to tell…  Act now – supplies are limited on this popular unit.
To browse the UAM eBay Store – click on this eBay icon: 

Thursday, April 7, 2011

First 747-400 Arrival to New Tupelo Facility

You’ve probably heard by now, UAM opened its widebody aircraft disassembly facility in Tupelo (MS) last month.

As part of the commencement event, UAM landed a  Japan Airlines 747-400 at the Tupelo Regional Airport for disassembly, complete with a low pass fly-by and tour of the aircraft for event attendees.

As an interesting insight to Japanese culture, the photos below illustrate the ground crew’s attention to detail and commitment to service on farewell flight for  N897DB.

Monday, February 28, 2011

More Aircraft Recycling

Who knew a fuselage has resale value?  UAM recently sold the better section of an MD87 fuselage, for testing and modification of the cargo fire suppressor system.  Here the illustrated version of the process – it’s pretty amazing…

First the disassembly team removed the tail
After removing the wings, the fuselage was cut from the cockpit and lower into the cradle  
Finally, the fuselage was secured into the cradle when is was loaded onto the truck for shipment

Monday, January 24, 2011

With the start of a new year, I reflect over the past year - since my arrival…  Retirement will do that…

It’s hard to believe there are over 35 aircraft in various stages of disassembly here at UAM.   I’ve witnessed the arrival of the a fellow wide-body A310, the 3rd in a series of A320s, the latest and greatest 747-400s and countless 737-Classics.  These arrivals in 2010, in addition to the existing projects, keep the disassembly teams busy – come rain, shine OR even snow.  Snow can be a bit of novelty here in the mid-south, often a good excuse to sit by the fire and drink hot cocoa – not these guys, they put hand warmers in their gloves and keep on working!  Plus the countless rainy days that don’t seem to discourage the mechanics at UAM.  
737 @ UAM Disassembly Facility

And I hear the  sales team works just as tirelessly to provide airlines around the world the inventory + component support required to keep fleets flying…

Thursday, December 16, 2010

A320 Landing Gears Removed...

So eventually my landing gear will go to a lucky new “in-service” aircraft, and I got a sneak peek at the process recently...  One of the A320-200 just went through landing gear removal.  The mechanics don’t remove the landing gears until they are sold, and the aircraft is positioned on the ramp for the "completion" phase of disassembly. During this process, the fuselage is lowered on cross-ties and the aircraft's parked permanently.  Now it’s much easier with the A320, since it has only three landing gears – Left MLG, Right MLG, Nose LG.   Those of us lucky wide-body 747s have 5 landing gears – 2 under each wing, rather than the standard narrow-body 1 per wing.  It was really something to see…  I tell you.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

stairwell to upper deck
Being a cargo aircraft, I had no idea the spacious interior of a passenger 747 – upper deck, lower deck, the works!  With the arrival of more 747-400 aircraft, I’ve gotten a peek at the interior and I was surprised to find a flight of stairs – a guy could get lost in one of those jumbo jets.  I’ve learned that originally the hump-like upper deck was used as a first class lounge area.  Currently, the upper deck provides additional passenger seating AND these jumbo jets can accommodate over 500 passengers total – just imagine all the beverage carts required for in-flight refreshments.
upper deck + cockpit
lower deck + in-flight entertainment